Society Series Review

The Society series has been getting better reviews every day, and yet we’re still on the hunt for more information about it. Society continues the thread from Medicine and Memory, where we first found out about Richard Whitehead. Before he became The Society, Richard was a victim of Identity theft. In the process of carrying out his long term plan, Richard had to deal with his identity being stolen, which is why he had to change his name. The reason he changed his name was because he wanted his name to be someone else’s identity; in order to protect his family, friends, and himself from various traumas that could come from his crime.

The Society series is not so much about crime as it is about crime’s connection to society. Basically, society is the human race and it is composed of many people. It is a myth that crime is linked to poor economic conditions and inequality. This is one of the reasons why society has continued to rise. In fact, economic conditions in most countries of the world are not that different from other countries of the world. However, it is when the society is very small that an individual can become a victim of crime.

The Society takes place in London, England, where everyone is involved in the social and political life of society. It is about the brutal murder of the famous fashion designer of London, who was killed in a drive by shooting. Due to the influence of society and its path, Richard Whitehead must carry out his plan to reverse the damage that has been done to him. The Society makes sure that it explores how politics, crime, and criminal activity influence each other and in turn affect society. You will not expect anything less from this series. Nor will you expect anything less of the healthiest sports.